WATCH: Boyfriend provides crack up voice over for girlfriend's makeup tutorial video

Headlines 30/04/2019

For a lot of boyfriends out there, the world of makeup can be very confusing. It's a complicated art form that requires a lot of time, money, skill, and practice. But one boyfriend is looking to break the mold by throwing himself head-first into the world of cosmetics in his own way.

The man in question, Hads Te Huia, found that his girlfriend was using his phone a lot to film makeup tutorials, so in an attempt to teach her a lesson for using his phone so much, he went and added his signature voice over talents to the video.

We approached Hads for comment, and when asked about his motives he simply told us:

"Yeah she's my girlfriend haha always played with my phone, leaving her videos on my phone, so I made a voice over of her makeup video to teach her a lesson for playing on my phone."

The video itself was posted last night and has already amassed an impressive 286k+ views on Facebook, with 6k reacts to boot. Check out the video for yourself down below: 

This isn't the first time we've encountered Hads, he was our very own bomb technician a couple years back when Fame was learning how to manu for our annual bomb comp at Homegrown.

Check out his Snapchat at @bomblifenz and catch him on IG at @Hadstehuia