This Lil Xan fan is getting all the same tattoos as the rapper apparently

Headlines 26/04/2019

Lil Xan is almost as famous for his tattoos as he is for his music - especially his face tats. 

One fan is so invested in Lil Xan that he's taken it to the next level though, by getting all the same tattoos. Talk about a super fan right?

Instagrammer @high.xanxiety has replicated all of 22-year-old rapper Lil Xan's tattoos, including the 'ZZZ lover', dots along the bridge of his nose, and most recentl the dripping tears under his eye:

Lil Xan himself gave a shoutout to the fan upon seeing his dedication, posting an Insta with the caption: "My supporters are so dope! @high.xanxiety s/o to you for being part of this cult fanbase i love all my fans to pieces." (It looks like the post has been deleted though, which could have been due to all the hate comments it attracted...)

You've got to hand it to @high.xanxiety, he's really gone all out in his dedication.