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Someone threw a lemon at Ariana Grande during her Coachella set

Headlines 24/04/2019

Seriously, who throws a lemon?

Video has emerged of Ariana Grande being hit with a lemon during her Coachella performance on Sunday night as she performed "Right There/Break Your Heart Right Back".

Rumour has it that it was thrown by an angry Beyonce fan (Lemonade - get it?), who is sour that Ariana was paid double of what Bey was paid to headline Coachella in 2018. This is an unsubstantiated rumour that's false, and as it turns out both artists were paid $8 million each for the two weekends.

Fortunately it was a pretty weak toss and the fruity missile just bounced off her softly. But still, rude.

Fellow Coachella performer Billie Eilish's brother, Finneas, chimed in on his thoughts (warning - strong language)

Naturally the lemon-throwing incident has caused a lot of the Ariana fanclub to come out defending their queen.