Photo credit: 2019 Getty Images

Kanye West debuts new song 'Water' during Sunday Service at Coachella

Headlines 23/04/2019

What's a year without Kanye doing Kanye things?

Yeezy made an appearance at Coachella over the weekend, but instead of headlining the stage in the evening, he took to a grassy knoll on Sunday morning with a choir of dozens hosting a "Sunday Service".

AND - he debuted a new song called 'Water' during it!

Peep what happened in the video below, taken from one of our Mai crew who was at Coachella #lucky #notevenjealous

We know, the audio's not great (it's phone footage at a festival remember) but hopefully an official video of his performance is released soon!

In other Kanye/Coachella news....check out how much he's selling his Sunday Service merch for - it's crazy!