French beauty retailer Sephora opening New Zealand store

Headlines 04/04/2019

French beauty industry giants Sephora are coming to Kiwi shores, with a new three-storey Auckland location set to be built. The Queen St location is touted to begin construction in the next couple weeks, with a hefty $5 million dollar assigned to the build and kit out.

The store will be located in a heritage building, mimicing their various other flagship stores across the globe. Sources say the new store will have an elevator, interesting lighting fixtures and elaborate signage.

"It will definitely stick out," the source told the Herald.

Despite the extravagant and lavish plans, the store is expected to be open in time for the inevitable Christmas rush.

Retail analyst Chris Wilkinson said he expected the store to follow the traditional model of providing a "journey-like experience" for consumers.

"In many cases, they will have the tills located on the upper floor so it makes people trample through the store. People spend a long time in Sephora stores, typically longer than they would in a Mecca Maxima," Wilkinson said.

"It's almost like theatre of retail."

The store will draw people from all parts of Auckland and will "become a destination for people from outside of Auckland as well", he said.