Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan tease a potential "Rush Hour 4"

Headlines 08/04/2019

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are like two food flavours that don't really make sense, but work so well. Like Chicken and Waffles? When the pair first came together in Rush Hour, their chemistry was undeniable, and from there an iconic buddy cop franchise was born. Despite the third installment in the franchise failing to live up to the hype, fans are still as eager as ever to get a Rush Hour 4.

So it makes sense that fans are currently in a frenzy after Tucker and Chan posted a photo on social media with an obvious tease to a potential Rush Hour sequel. Both men posed with the four fingers held up, teasing the idea of a fourth installment in the franchise.

The question still remains, are we ever going to see the fastest mouth in the game team up with the fastest hands again? We certainly hope so.