WATCH: The "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" gets a gritty 2019 update in new fan-made trailer

Headlines 13/03/2019

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a 90's cultural landmark, it sky-rocketed Will Smith into super-stardom and became one of the decades most beloved sitcoms. While rumours of a reunion have been floating around almost since the show ended, the show has managed to avoid rebooting for a new audience.

But fans have taken it upon themselves to re-imagine the sitcom for 2019, creating an incredible trailer for an updated Fresh Prince simply titled "Bel-Air."

Sun-Squared Media have taken a new approach to the sitcom, exchanging the light hearted laughs and gags for gritty drama and emotion while highlighting modern issues. While most fans will agree that the comedy of the show makes it what it is, it is really interesting to see how the show could play out in a new context.

The fan-made version of Fresh Prince finds Will Smith being sent to live with his Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil in Bel-Air after police catch him in possession of a firearm. Check it out up top: