WATCH: Dancing security guard at Eminem's Wellington show steals the spotlight

Headlines 03/03/2019

"Now everyone report to the dance floor."

One security guard took that literally at Eminem's concert in Wellington on Saturday night, smashing out the dance moves in what has become a viral hit.

While the other guards stand still, she got into the spirit of the event with a high-energy performance of her own.

Footage captured by Twitter user Ernest Cunningham shows the guard showing her skills to Lil Jon's 'Get Low', bouncing up and down and rolling her arms frenetically.

"Get on down security lady!" he wrote.

"She was the highlight of the night to be honest. Crowd loves her!"

Over 46,000 people packed out Westpac Stadium for Eminem's visit, breaking attendance records. And many of them are applauding the guard for her moves.

"Best part of the show, security gel still cuts it," one person commented.

It doesn't matter who you are, Eminem has a way of making you move!