WATCH: Auckland woman hilariously claims to "own the Viaduct" after being called out for illegal parking

Headlines 01/03/2019

A woman who parked on an Auckland waterfront footpath has been ridiculed online after claiming her parking was legal because she "owns the whole Viaduct".

The video, filmed by cyclist Su Yin Khoo, was posted to Twitter on Thursday morning.

Footage shows her confronting the driver, who was blocking her cycling path by mounting the curb.

Ms Khoo asks the woman to "please move" her car, a request met by a laughable response: "I actually am legally allowed to be here - I own the whole Viaduct."

Newshub contacted Auckland Council and property investment company Tramco. Neither organisation said they recognised the woman.

A Tramco spokesperson confirmed the woman is "not a shareholder, owner or director of Viaduct Harbour Holdings, or any other Tramco-managed entity".

"My understanding is that this area pictured in the video is owned and managed by Panuku, a division of Auckland Council," she added.

The woman could not be identified by Newshub.

The video has drawn the ire of social media users, who are also skeptical about the validity of the woman's land ownership claims.

"Owns the whole viaduct? This will be news to many," said one Twitter user.

Another says the woman's claim was "extraordinary."

"Did she really say she's legally allowed to park there because 'I own the whole Viaduct?'."

The Tramco spokesperson said Viaduct Harbour Holdings "does not support vehicles blocking public pedestrian accessways".

Auckland Transport also replied to the tweet, saying it had passed the incident on to its parking enforcement team.

Credit to Newshub.