Kylie Jenner officially crowned youngest "self made" billionaire by Forbes Magazine

Headlines 06/03/2019

Kylie Jenner is one of the most polarising figures in pop-culture, like the rest of her family, you either love her, hate her, or couldn't give less of a s***. But what is undeniable, is the fact that she has managed to carve out her own legacy by becoming the world's youngest ever billionaire.

Notice we left out the "self made" bit? Forbes magazine ran a piece on Tuesday celebrating the success of the young business woman, touting her as the youngest "self-made" billionaire in history. Her business credentials are undeniable, as Kylie Cosmetics reportedly saw a nine percent increase in 2018 for a final annual revenue of $360 million, a figure the Forbes article cites as part of its value assessment of the company.

Their estimations state that Kylie Cosmetics (owned solely by Jenner) is worth "at least" $900 million. The billion-dollar mark comes from adding in previous estimated profits, i.e. the money she made when the lip kits were only available online.

The fact that Kylie makes bank is not up for question, and she demands a level of respect for her ability to capitalise on business opportunities. But it's the "self-made" aspect of her new title that has a lot of people scratching their heads, calling into question, what defines "self made?" 

Jenner has lived a life of complete and utter privilege and luxury, and that upbringing has played an instrumental role in her rise to business super-stardom. So is she really "self-made?" What she has managed to create out of her position of extreme privilege is admirable, but would not have happened without said privilege. even chimed in, reminding everyone of what "self-made" is actually defined as:

What do you think? Is Kylie "Self-Made," or is she a product of her own privilege? Either way, she's done incredibly well, and will continue to make us jealous as we spend our humble pay-cheques on wicked wings while she makes million dollar business deals on the daily.