Game of Thrones Season 8 exact episode lengths revealed

Headlines 12/03/2019

It's becoming more and more clear that Game of Thrones' final season will not be like any other, although maybe not for the most obvious reasons. The runtimes for Season 8 have been released and it appears as though they aren't quite what fans were lead to believe, particularly the first two episodes.

In an interview with Mirror in January, Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) made bold claims about Season 8: "It's a spectacle," he said. "The guys have done six movies. The reaction I had when watching them was, 'I'm watching a movie.'" 

This will most likely still be the case, but some fans will feel a little hard done by in terms of episode length. With barely a month until the premiere, HBO has updated the online TV schedule through to the end of April, giving those willing to search the answers to how long the first two episodes are.

The episode lengths for Season 8 are as follows:

It's really hard to complain about the episode length with all the excitement surrounding the final season, although it is worth noting that none of the episodes will be longer than Season 7's finale which clocked up at 81 minutes.

But let's be honest, 80 mins, 60 mins, 5 mins, it doesn't matter. This final season is gonna be more lit than a Targaryen barbeque.