Eminem takes "Lose Yourself" case against National Party to New Zealand Supreme court

Headlines 07/03/2019

Back in 2014, New Zealand's National Party were campaigning for the upcoming election, and they released an ad which featured a song that shared a very strong similarity to Eminem's "Lose Yourself." Shortly after the release of the ad, Eminem took the National Party to court, for pretty obvious reasons.

In 2017, the National Party were court ordered to pay Em's Eight Mile Style record label the equivalent of $NZ600,000 for "parodying" the rapper's Oscar-winning track "Lose Yourself" in a 2014 campaign ad.

However, the Australian Associated Press says an appeals court dropped the amount owed to only $NZ225,000, which has led Eminem to take the case to New Zealand's Supreme Court. 

Reports say that Em filed for his "appeal of the appeal" last month, but the Supreme Court is yet to decide whether or not the case has enough merit to be heard. Eight Mile Style also state that the song has never been cleared for political campaign use.