Cadbury's Caramello spread now available in Kiwi stores

Headlines 13/03/2019

Caramello is one of Cadbury's most popular flavours, but it's generally considered a bit extra if you have it for breakfast. But now you can enjoy all the sugary goodness on your toast with the new Cadbury's caramel breakfast spread.

First released in Aussie, which sent our mates from over the ditch into an absolute frenzy, the high demand spread has now made it's debut on Kiwi shelves.

The catch is that it will only be available for a limited time, with only a handful of Warehouse stores across the country stocking the chocolate spread.

At $5 for a 400g jar, the spread is a fair price, but it's likely not going to be around for long with Cadbury confirming they aren't the ones who are selling the product.

Cadbury stated that the spread was being imported by retailers from Aussie and New Zealand. However they did also mention that depending on the success of the launch, they may look into making the global product more readily available for Kiwis.

We're unsure where exactly it's being sold but as soon as we do we will let you know whanau!