This guy auto-tuned his cat and the results are crack up

Headlines 22/02/2019

Auto-tuning first became a hit thing back in the mid 2000s, when we all wanted to be the next Kanye or T-Pain. It was one of those things that people either loved or hated. 

Since then it's pretty standard to use auto-tune - you can even use it on animals nowadays apparently. 

Twitter user Joaquin Baldwin used this to his advantage this week, posting a hilarious vid of his cat, accompanied by auto-tune. "Autotuned the cat because he won't shut up in the mornings. I don't know how this helps but I did it anyway," his post said. 

He explained in his replies how he used the Voloco app to record the cat and give him that auto-tuned voice. Someone in the comments even went so far as to provide a beat from the recording, using the kitty's vocals in the harmony. Love the creativity.

Keep an ear out for the cat's next hit single guys.