New York police officer allegedly ordered fellow officers to "shoot 50 Cent on sight"

Headlines 18/02/2019

According to reports by TMZ, an investigation has been opened into a NYPD officer who allegedly ordered his fellow officers to shoot 50 Cent.

Commanding officer Emanuel Gonzalez reportedly made the remark in June of last year when the "Candy Shop" rapper was scheduled to attend an boxing match in the Bronx.

According to police sources, Commanding Officer Emanuel Gonzalez said, "Shoot him on sight". But it was a joke, the sources added.

This was not a random targeting either, both individuals have had previous run-ins after 50 Cent accused the officer of "shaking down" the owner of one of 50's local clubs. 

According to the NY Daily News, which broke the story, a month earlier Gonzalez filed an aggravated harassment complaint claiming 50 Cent threatened him on Instagram.

50 Cent has responded to the Daily News article on Instagram saying, "I take this threat very seriously," and he is consulting with his legal counsel all the while posting a photo of Emanuel Gonzalez.

A rep for the singer told TMZ: "Mr. Jackson takes this threat very seriously and is consulting with his legal counsel regarding his options going forward. He is concerned that he was not previously advised of this threat by the NYPD and even more concerned that Gonzalez continues to carry a badge and a gun."