ASAP Rocky mistaken for Travis Scott at Grammys party

Headlines 12/02/2019

When Travis Scott first burst into the mainstream, he was instantly met with comparisons to fellow rapper ASAP Rocky. In fact, he was quite famously referred to as the "bootleg ASAP Rocky."  Back in 2015, Scott jumped at a fan who thought he was Rocky, telling them, "Not motherf***in' ASAP, b*tch." Last year, Rocky talked about the "alleged weirdness" between the two of them with Rosenberg on Open Late. "I don't even know why we're talking about Travis Scott right now, no shade," he explained.

And it appears as though neither ASAP or Travis can avoid being confused for each other by the public even now, if a Grammys pre-party is anything to go by. ASAP was on his way in to the party when someone in the crowd yelled out "Travis," which caused the rapper to stop in his tracks with a very confused look on his face.

Check out the video down below: