WATCH: Google struggles with Kiwi accent but easily understands Māori accent

Headlines 04/02/2019

It's no secret that the world often finds the good ol' Kiwi accent hard to understand, our slow, monotonous drawl has been the butt of many jokes. Two Porirua men have put that to the test by exposing Google's inability to understand the Kiwi accent.

The two men, Adam Marshall and Josh Wickens, asked their Google Home speaker to play the iconic Maori anthem Poi E by the Patea Maori Club. Wickens initially uses his regular NZ accent, to which Google replies,  "I looked for Boy by the Party Motor Club but it either isn't available or can't be played right now."

But Wickens then switches it up by trying the same request with a Maori accent instead, announcing "I'm going to Māori that s**t up," to the camera. "Hey Google, play Poi E by the Patea Māori Club, g!" he asks before giving the hang ten hand gesture as his request is successful.

Check the video out below: