WATCH: Angry mum hits daughter with jandal after throwing it from ages away

Headlines 25/01/2019

A jandal is more than just footwear, it is also a very effective disciplinary tool, as anyone who grew up with and Islander or Maori mum will tell you. But one Mexican mum has pulled off one the greatest long range hidings off all time!

A video has surfaced online showing a mother pursuing her daughter out onto the street after a family domestic. The mother then takes off her jandal and lines up what looks like an impossible shot, but nothing can stop an angry mum, so she launches her shoe into the air eventually nailing her daughter's back.

The young woman is so surprised she falls over in the street while her mother is seen laughing so hard she has to lean on a car for support as she turns away.

The video was posted on Twitter and has amassed more than 1.3 million views and 60,000 likes.

Check it out down below: