Suge Knight's son claims 2Pac is "Back in the studio"

Headlines 21/01/2019

For over 20 years, people have argued and debated Tupac Shakur's death, more specifically, whether or not he's still alive. Last October, Suge J Knight, son of former Death Row Records CEO and last person to see Pac alive Suge Knight, claimed that Pac was alive and well. And now Knight has returned to make his most audacious claim yet, taking to IG to announce that Pac is back in the studio.

The text post reads, “I GOT PAC BACK IN THE STUDIO. NEW MUSIC COMING.” His caption drives his point: "This ain’t a joke. #NewDeathRow ??/>> Coming soon"

A theory has arisen that this might be Knight's attempt to fuel the conspiracy, with a collection of unreleased recordings of the West Coast rapper being used to create new material, which Knight is attempting to play off as "new." This however, would require the involvement of Pac's estate, who are yet to come forward with any information surrounding Knight's claims.