Kim Kardashian calls sister Khloe "an idiot" on live TV for staying with Tristan Thompson

Headlines 17/01/2019

Kim Kardashian inadvertently branded her sister Khloe an idiot on live television while discussing her sister's decision to stay with Tristan Thompson, who was caught cheating on her while she was pregnant multiple times.

During a game of 'Plead The Fifth' on Watch What Happens Live, Kourtney Kardashian was asked if she would have stayed with Tristan had she been in Khloe's position.

Kourtney admitted she would probably try to keep her family together - however, it wasn't her answer that caused a stir.

"From seeing everything that happened, it's so easy and quick to be like, 'oh my God, leave him, leave him,'" Kim chimed in. 

"It's so much harder to stay and have the whole public think you're an idiot for staying."

Khloe attempted to laugh the jab off, sarcastically replying "thanks, [censored]!" which caused Kim to backpedal wildly, claiming she "didn't mean it like that".

Tristan's cheating scandal made headlines when footage of him kissing multiple women surfaced shortly before Khloe was due to give birth to the couple's first child, True.

Credit to Newshub.