Ariana Grande gets roasted for getting incorrectly translated Japanese tattoo

Headlines 31/01/2019

Ariana Grande loves a bit of ink, but on this occasion it looks as though she forgot to do her homework. Getting a tattoo in another language is always 50/50, especially when you know nothing about that language. Grande's latest "Kanji" tattoo for instance, feature the Chinese characters “七輪” on her hand, and are meant to translate to "7 Rings," an obvious nod to her latest number one record.

But as the old saying goes, the internet is undefeated. After Grande posted a photo of her tattoo on IG and Twitter, fans were quick to put out that the tattoo is actually a few characters short of her intended meaning. In its current form, it roughly translates to "shichirin," a Japanese expression used to denote a "small charcoal grill" more commonly known to Western audiences as the "Hibachi-style" stovetop barbeque.

The "God is a Woman" singer would later go on to admit she bailed on the full tattoo because the process "hurt like f*ck" and she "wouldn't have lasted another symbol." She also admitted to being a "huge fan of tiny bbq grills," before deleting the original Instagram depiction of her botched tattoo.

One Twitter user also helped educate fans by explaining why traditional Chinese symbols and characters can be found in the "Kanji" method of Japanese writing.