'Unruly' UK tourist family abandon car after crashing it in Māngere

Headlines 24/01/2019

Everyone's favourite traveling whanau are back! Well, technically they never left because they're the only thing anyone's been talking about for the last two weeks, but this time they may have really f**ed up.

Reports say that members of the whanau have crashed their car in Māngere after being distracted by people yelling "gypsy scum" at their car. Witnesses say that the vehicle crossed the median barrier towards the end of Thomas Rd and Massey Rd.

The tourists then grabbed all their belongings and made their way up the street, apparently while in the midst of a mini (while also understandable) domestic.

The Herald spoke to the family shortly after the incident:

"People were shouting at us and I look back and hit a curb," the older man said about the crash this morning.

"I punctured the wheel of the car," he said.

Another of the group, Joe Doran, told the Herald: "People were calling me gypsy scum and my father crashed the motor over people calling me gypsy scum."

The car has since been abandoned.

Photo / Doug Sherring
Photo / Doug Sherring