R&V launch text helpline for any dramas big or small

trending 28/12/2018

R&V will deploy a security or service team when people are in need of assistance.

The 16th edition of the event will begin on December 28 and end on New Year's Day. Attendance at the Gisborne even is expected to reach into the tens of thousands.

Event Manager, Daniel Turner says teams have been trained to deal with an array of issues.

That's anything from somebody being too intoxicated or even a fence falling over or a hole in the ground.

Festival goers will be able to text 3001 to report any number of faults and the event's comms team will respond straight away. 

We've got a quick response force which is our security team that we can send straight to a location. Say a fence has fallen over, something as little as a trip hazard, we can send our site team or our operations team in there to go and fix it.

Mr Turner said he hopes the text line will make the festival safer. Instructions on the line have been posted around the festival grounds.

Source: Newshub.