King Homeboy breaks down on the AM Show after being rewarded for donating prize money to KidsCan

Headlines 14/12/2018

When King Homeboy appeared on The AM Show last week and donated a $10,000 award he won to KidsCan, Kiwis across the country burst into tears.

Te Ariki Toki won a $10,000 package from and gave it away to KidsCan after naming 11 New Zealand towns or cities in 10 seconds in the show's 9 in 10 competition.

On Friday, he appeared again on The AM Show, and broke down into tears when host Duncan Garner told him that partners and sponsors of the show had come together to give the "great New Zealander" a little Christmas cheer.

An emotional Mr Toki was given a Dr. Dre Beats music making package, an Apple iPad, and party speaker with a microphone from

SkyCity donated a night for two at their hotel, as well as a food and beverage voucher and tickets up the Sky Tower.

Mr Toki will also be travelling to Queenstown, courtesy of Air New Zealand Grab A Seat, with two nights' accommodation from Jucy Snooze and food at Miss Lucy's rooftop wood fire pizza bar.

The AM Show gave him $500 in spending money, Gull gave him $500 in fuel vouchers, and New World threw in $200 in vouchers.

Breaking down as he accepted the gifts, Mr Toki was overwhelmed.

"I am so sorry guys, I am sorry everyone else who is crying," he said, while host Duncan Garner noted that sports presenter Mark Richardson was also tearing up.

All of the gifts are in Mr Toki's name, so he can't donate them to anyone else.

"We thank you for being the person you are, the generous spirit you are, and the generous donation you gave," said Garner.

Mr Toki also had gifts for The AM Show, giving Garner, Richardson, newsreader Ingrid Hipkiss and social media presenter Aziz Al-Sa'afin prizes he had won at an arcade on Thursday night.

One special gift was left for Garner's son Buster; a collection of trading cards Mr Toki has had since he was a teenager.

While Garner said he couldn't possibly accept the cards, Mr Toki said "I have enjoyed [the cards] with as much pleasure, and I am wanting to part with them."

"This is my parting joy and I have had so many years' worth of enjoyment," he said.

"I am gobsmacked cause [Buster] will embrace these and love these," Garner replied.

Mr Toki previously said he knew what it was like growing up poor and bullied, and wanted to see a charity like KidsCan benefit.

His generosity saw an outpouring of support online for the street performer, with people calling him a "hero" and starting GiveaLittle pages for him.

Mr Toki had long waited to compete on 9 in 10 so he could win and donate the prize to the charity which helps underprivileged children.

"I usually catch the first train home around about 6 o'clock [am], and when I get home and see [the reporters] say an Auckland suburb like Kingsland or Parnell, and I'm like 'damn I was just there'."

Credit to Newshub.