Almost $7000 cash found scattered around Mokihinui campground

Headlines 12/12/2018

Christmas came early for campers at the Gentle Annie campground last weekend, as $6,800 cash was scattered over the grounds in the night.

Campers awoke to find $6,800 in $100 and $50 notes tucked behind their windscreens and in the bathrooms of the campground at Mokihinui.

Owner Jesse Paley-Atkins told Newshub finding all the money took him "over an hour" as it had been spread throughout the grounds of the site.

Mr Paley-Atkins said that "almost all" of the 40 people at the campsite had money either on their car, or scattered around their tent.

Once the mysterious cash had been collected, Mr Paley-Atkins reported it to the police

"I just thought it was best to hand it in, just cause we weren't sure what the source was".

A police spokeswoman said the investigation had not found any leads towards the generous stranger.

Police say the money is being treated as "found property, so after three months it'll go back to the people that found it".

Mr Paley-Atkins took down the names of everyone who had money given to them, as well as the amounts they were given so that he could return it to them if the police allow it.

It's possible that a late Christmas present could be coming for those lucky campers in the New Year.

Source: Vita MolyneuxNewshub