WATCH: Māori dad's beautiful haka wedding proposal and gender reveal goes viral

Headlines 05/12/2018

A Kiwi dad has gone viral with his surprise haka proposal to his long-time partner on the Queenstown lakefront.

Tama Hata, from Hamilton, posted video of his emotional proposal to Te Waimaarino Patena during a surprise trip south with their daughter, Te Aroha.

Mr Hata wrote on Facebook that he planned to reveal the gender of their second child to Ms Patena, which he'd found out at a scan a few weeks earlier.

In the video Ms Patena can be seen opening a box that Mr Hata had filled with blue items, symbolising a baby boy would be joining their family.

She was thrilled with the result, but wasn't prepared for what her partner had planned next.

After a round of hugs, Mr Hata stood up and walked over to the edge of the water near where they were sitting and performed the haka.

Mr Hata told Newshub that he had been thinking about proposing for a couple of years.

"I went away to Chile for two weeks and decided that as soon as I got home I'd plan a proposal.

"I basically got off the plane and went straight to Michael Hill," he said.

He says the haka was done "completely off the cuff".

"I was a bit nervous at the time but trying my best to keep the nerves at bay."

He said it was the perfect way to "express all [his] love to her exactly how she deserved it".

"To conclude... she said YES!" he explained on Facebook, "actually she just cried and took the ring."

Mr Hata said he had been so nervous he put the ring on the wrong finger.

"I pau te hau, overwhelmed with a crowd," he said.

He said he continues to be overwhelmed with the response he's had from friends, family, and total strangers.

"It was perfect. A perfect day."

Credit to Newshub.