This lady was sent to jail for opening a can of Pringles in store before she paid

Headlines 30/11/2018

We all know the feel of being too hungry to wait until after we've paid to hoe into our snacks - you have every intention of paying, but you just want a few mouthfuls first. Happens to the best of us. 

Well this lady did just that with a tube of Pringles and she ended up in jail for two months for it!

Kathleen McDonagh, 25, from Ireland has been sentenced to two months in prison for "damaging" a can of Pringles after opening them in the store before paying. The incident actually happened back in December 2016, in a Tesco supermarket in the city of Cork, but the jail sentence was only passed this week.

"It was not fit for resale with a loss of €1.50 [$2.49]...she had no permission to be in the store," a police officer told the court during the trial this week. The woman had allegedly been banned from the store, and had 14 prior convictions related to "theft or criminal damage". 

Ok, that makes a little more sense if she had so many prior incidents. Still seems wild to get sent to jail over a packet of Pringles though!

Twitter weighed in on the sentence: