The Warehouse hilariously throws shade at Bunnings over 'sausage safety rules'

Headlines 15/11/2018

Kiwi retailer The Warehouse has taken a sly dig at Australian hardware giant Bunnings over its controversial new sausage sizzle safety rules. 

Bunnings has announced from now on, all on-site sausage sizzles should abide by a controversial new rule: onions should be placed underneath the sausage to stop them falling out and creating a slipping hazard. 

Now the Warehouse has made a light-hearted jab on Twitter at the hardware giant, saying it is absolutely satisfied with its sausage safety standards. 

"To be frank, our customers know onions are for eating, not dropping," the Twitter post reads. 

"What do our customers expect to see at ground level on the daily? Our every day low prices. They're real bangers."

The bizarre ruling being dubbed 'sausage-gate' has caused a stir online. 

Some people are saying the move is an "outrage" and "ridiculous" while others believe it is not a laughing matter. 

An Australian man has come forward telling how he was compensated by the hardware chain after he slipped on an onion

Trevor told ABC how he had a panic attack following the incident and is now paranoid that he may slip again. 

"Every time I go into Bunnings now I look on the floor - I look for onions."

Credit to Newshub