Snoop Dogg sparks a blunt at the White House

Headlines 09/11/2018

Snoop Dogg is probably one of the most famous and prolific ganja smokers in the world, marajuana is so much a part of his character that his name is synonymous with the 'erb.

Uncle Snoop's love for green knows no bounds, which he proves in his latest Instagram activity where he's shown lighting a blunt outside the White House.

He well documented the entire process, his Instagram is filled with videos of him doing his thing. Initially, the "Who Am I?" rapper was unsure if he wanted to even step onto the property, but he eventually asked his driver to pull over.

The West Coast legend was excited about his visit, going a little overboard with posts from the President's home. He has been critical of Trump in the past. Now, he's fine sparking up in front of his house to send a message. In his words, he just "had 2 do it."

Catch the full saga unfold below: