NZ police are starting to crack down on punishing slow drivers

Headlines 08/11/2018

Speeding is bad, it's dangerous, and illegal. But you know what's worse? Those drivers who think it's all good to drive at half the speed limit, and they always seem to pop up when you're late, mongrels the lot of them.

But the times are changing because the NZ Police are now going to impose harsher punishments on slow drivers! When speaking with Stuff, Tasman road policing leader Grant Andrews explained slow/incosiderate drivers are an issue year round, but over holiday periods it's particularly accentuated. 

"It's about making people aware," Andrews said. "The problem with impeding the [traffic] flow is people tend to make crazy decisions to overtake in areas where you wouldn't ... even sometimes on yellow lines."

"Look behind you [and if] there's 20 cars and there's been provision for you to pull in and let these people pass safely, do so."

While the focus is on safety for the police's summer campaign, $150 fines and the loss of 20 demerit points for slow drivers who don't let people pass them or refuse to move into a slow vechicle bay.