New "Civilization VI" game looks to feature Māori as a new playable civilization

Headlines 22/11/2018

A trailer has been released for the latest Sid Meier's Civilization VI expansion, Gathering Storm, and it looks to include playable Māori characters.

A Polynesian adventurer is a focus of the trailer, chosen as the video's thumbnail image.

He appears to be the leader of a group travelling on a sea vessel and discovering new land. He has long hair tied back in a bun, a full facial moko, a bone carving around his neck and is dressed in what looks like traditional Māori garb.

Civilization is a beloved turn-based strategy computer game series that started in 1991. Players take control of specific civilisation and control it from prehistoric times right through to a sci-fi future, waging war on other civilisations or forging alliances with them on the way.

Firaxis, the company that produces Civilization, doesn't specify that Māori will be a playable in promotional material released with the new trailer, but does state Gathering Storm will feature "eight new civilisations and nine new leaders".

"We have a number of exciting new leaders and civilisations that we'll be revealing over the coming months," says Civilization VI lead designer Ed Beach.

"We're bringing back some fan favourites - with brand new twists that you may not expect - and of course we are introducing a few civs that are brand new to the series."

Civilization VI was originally released in 2016 with 34 playable civilisations. Among them was the Egyptians, led by Cleopatra; the Mongolians, led by Genghis Khan; and the Australians, led by John Curtin - the nation's World War II-era prime minister.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm will be released on February 14, 2019.

Credit to Newshub.