Missy Elliot is back in the studio with Timbaland

Headlines 12/11/2018

One of the most iconic duos in hip-hop are back and cooking up something huge: Missy Elliot and Timbaland are officially back in the studio together! The "Work It" rapper took to Twitter to post a video of the pair just chilling together on the studio, with the caption:

Me & [Timbaland] last night in da stu...cooking.

Missy announced earlier this year that she would be dropping new music in 2019, promising her first album since 2005's The Cookbook. This all came after Missy admitted that she was worried that rap had "passed her by."

"For so long I was hesitant to put out music in fear no one would get it because people said music has changed & my sound been so different but NOW IM LIKE hey🤷🏾‍bump it make music that feels good to me😉let me get y’all asses dancing again," she wrote.