Man claims to have lost 7kg after eating only Maccas for a month

Headlines 16/11/2018

A UK Youtuber set out on a mission to disprove the results of the famous doco 'Supersize Me', and he's now claiming he lost 7kg by only eating Maccas for a month.

29-year-old Ryan Williams launched his fast food mish at the start of October, trying to combat the claims from 'Supersize Me', where Morgan Spurlock gained 12kg by eating McDs every day for 30 days, consuming over 5000 calories a day.

Williams issue with the original experiment was that Spurlock didn't exercise, so he didn't offset his calorie intake. So Williams set his own challenge; working out for an hour each morning, spending between $27 and $36 per day on McDonald's and making sure to eat everything on their menu at least once, as Spurlock did 14 years ago.

He claims this one month diet and exercise made him lose 7kg, starting off at 90kg and finishing off at 83kg. 

Prior to the challenge, Williams reckons he was in the worst state he'd been in in a few years. 

"My diet wasn't great, I would eat a lot of food - about 5000 calories - in a day, lots of biscuits and junk food, and I wasn't going to the gym at all. Before that, for about 10 years, I was always very active and went to the gym four or five times a week. So for me, this challenge was partly about what I could do to help myself get back to that, whilst also having a bit of fun," he said.

So don't go just eating solely Maccas and think you'll get swole guys, it doesn't quite work like that!