Kim Kardashian says that Kanye gets upset when she posts "sexy" photos on Instagram

Headlines 22/11/2018

Kim Kardashian's appearance is her most defining feature, even in her early days the reality TV and sex tape star has always kept it 100 when it comes to how she looks.

She frequently posts revealing photos of herself online, and with all the hardwork she puts into her appearance why not show it off? She obviously feels comfortable and beautiful in her own skin so go hard sis!

Fans certainly don't complain when she does post racy photos, they are often her best performing social media posts.

But her hubby Kanye isn't always so keen on the racy pics, as she revealed to Ellen in her latest appearance on the talk show. Ellen began by asking Kim some funny questions about her Instagram "activity," where she admitted Kanye gets mad about said activity.

“And you can get in trouble with your husband over too many photos,” Kim says. Ellen replied, “I was gonna ask if Kanye if that bothers hm?” to which Kim responded, “Yea, it does. Yea it does. Its like half and half. He always wants me to be me and feel confident, but it also bothers him.”

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