Cardi B challenges Offset to a rap battle

Headlines 28/11/2018

This year has been huge for rap battles and beef's. From Drake and Pusha T's deeply personal feud, to MGK and Eminem's verbal jousting, it's been the year of the ruckus. Cardi B has also found herself in a bitter feud with Nicki Minaj this year, and although there was plenty of social media and verbal (and physical) sparring between the two female rap titans, no diss-tracks were dropped in the process.

But it looks like Cardi might be channeling her energy into a diss against the last person you'd expect...her loving fiance and Migos frontman Offset. After both artist's have shared an incredibly successful year together, both as a couple and as individual performers, they now have a chance to settle any bed-side arguments with a rap battle.

Cardi issued the challenge on her IG, announcing that the battle will be going down on the TikTok app. Whoever loses the battle will have to buy all the Christmas decorations for their houses in Atlanta and New York, which to be honest, isn't exactly the biggest loss for either, but it should be a good watch!