Burger King USA savagely trolls Maccas by offering $0.01 Whoppers that you can only order while at McDonald's

Headlines 05/12/2018

Burger King and McDonald's are the fast food worlds biggest rivals, constantly trying to one-up each other and calling each other out on social media. And now BK's taken it a step further in what could be the ultimate troll of the year, by offering Whoppers for only $0.01. 1 CENT! But there is a hilarious catch:

Whopper lovers have to go to McDonald's to order it. According to their ad announcing the promotion, users can order Whoppers via the BK App on their phones. If they place the order within 600 feet of a McDonald's, the burger will come out to $0.01. The ad shows customers rolling through McDonald's drive-thru and ordering Whoppers from confused employees. 

Check it out up top: