Beyonce's mum shares adorable video of 5-year-old Bey performing

Headlines 27/11/2018

Not many people in the world share the same amount of natural talent as Beyonce, the singer can hit just about any note she wants, while dancing a routine that she choreographed herself, in heels. And it seems as though she was always destined to be "Queen Bey" if a video shared by her mother is anything to go by.

Tina Lawson shared the video of a 5-year-old Yonce on her gram, showing the singer show off her performing chops at a very young age in her own home. It's crazy to look at the video now, the little girl had no idea she would become the megastar she is today. In saying that, she was already full of that signature confidence, spouting off her own lyrics:

"Beyoncé's my name and/ Love is my game/ So take a sip of my potion/ And do it in slow motion," sings the five-year-old for the camera.

Catch the video down below: