WATCH: Will Smith squares up to a 200 pound Kangaroo

Headlines 23/10/2018

Will Smith is never one to back out of a challenge (he recently bungee jumped out of a helicopter for his 50th birthday), but he may have met his match when he came up against a 200 pound kangaroo recently.

During a trip to Australia earlier this year, Will Smith made sure to pay a visit to one of the country's most beloved animals: the kangaroo.

Much like Aussie's themselves, kangaroo's have been known to throw hands every now and then, to the point where they're even considered to be quite handy boxers.

With this in mind, the Fresh Prince was cautious as he came face-to-face with the animal, preparing to square up if anything went sour. At first, Will appears confident before meeting the baby kangaroo but once the animal's mother appears in her massive frame, his reaction changes a little. The entertainer looks ready to bolt mere minutes after shrugging and saying he wasn't "looking for no trouble."

Finally, he decides to just be respectful when meeting the kangaroo and we don't blame him. In his words: "that's a big ass kangaroo."