WATCH: MELODOWNZ drops dope new video for "Peace $igns, Gang $igns"

Headlines 31/10/2018

MELODOWNZ reveals the struggle between the two sides of his personality in the effects-laden video for ‘Peace $igns Gang $igns’, released today.

"The video is actually my meditation trance," MELODOWNZ says.

"‘Peace $igns Gang $igns’ showcases the battle between my dualities. What we've been able to do with the video is illustrate the good and the bad, the light and the dark, and at the end of the video I realise that both sides are actually me."

"I hope that people understand that humans are multi-faceted and there's constantly an inter-play between our internal good wolf and bad wolf like in the old Cherokee saying - we showcase this concept quite heavily in the music video."

The video was directed and edited by Jordan Cherrington with VFX by 10Daniel16 and Connor Pritchard and made with support from NZ on Air. 

'Peace $igns Gang $igns' is available now on iTunesApple Music and Spotify.

It is the first single from the forthcoming double EP MELO & BLUES, to be be released on 23 November by MELODOWNZ's own label Liightside and distributed by DRM. MELO & BLUES features Kiwi artists including Louis Baker, Troy Kingi and Villette and UK rapper COOPS. Production credits include Christoph El Truento and Mikos Da Gawd.