This couple had a weed-themed wedding complete with cannabis cake

Headlines 19/10/2018

With weed becoming legal for recreational use accross nine states in the US, 'weed weddings' are becoming a thing.

This Californian couple, Serena and Jeff Beleja, shared their own weed-themed wedding that they held in September: “We smoke together so regularly, it just seemed weird to have a wedding without [weed],” Serena said.

The wedding wasn't exactly what you'd think - Serena described it as "vintage Bollywood"-themed, but included marijuana leaves in the flower bouquettes, and the dessert menu was pretty weed-heavy.

There was a weed bar, including a rolling station, a dab station, edibles and 'budtenders' to serve the guests. 

Serena's mum did question her decision to have this sort of wedding, which is sort of to be expected: “I think my mom was saying something like, ‘Are you sure you want to do this? Because you’re going to have to look at the pictures forever and you might regret it when you’re older.’ But I kind of look at it as, I’m definitely always gonna be smoking weed, especially when I’m older,” Serena said.

The wedding included a cannabis wedding cake, cannabis-infused chocolate fountain and cannabis-infused gelato, and had areas for guests to rest or nap if they got sleepy.

“After we said our vows and I gave her her first kiss, I had two joints hidden in my jacket and we had our minister spark up our joints together as we finished our vows,” Jeff said.

“I’m the only bride I know that had a relaxing time [at the wedding] and wasn’t like going crazy or stressing out about random things,” Serena said.

Good on the happy couple!