Saint West dresses as his dad Kanye for Halloween

Headlines 01/11/2018

They say every boy wants to grow up to be just like his dad, even if your dad is as crazy and controversial as Kanye West. Saint West, son of Kim and Kanye, has lived up to the old saying by dressing as his dad for Halloween this year.

More specifically, he dressed like his dad did in the very obscure but instantly meme'd video for "I Love It," which saw Kanye and Lil Pump dress in block outfits that made them look like Minecraft characters or Lego figures.

The nature of the song probably isn't fit for children, the hook is literally "You're such a f*cking h**, I love it." But we can't imagine little Saint gives a rats ass what the song is about, he just wants to shine like his papa! Check out the little cutie down below, and catch the full video for "I Love It" up top!