MGK and Lana Del Rey are rumoured to be collaborating on an Eminem diss-track

Headlines 25/10/2018

According to some fans, Machine Gun Kelly might not be done with his Eminem feud. Following MGK's call out diss "Rap Devil," Eminem attempted to end the  "Wild Boy" rapper's career with his own diss-track "Killshot."

Shortly after the diss was dropped, MGK released a new EP to very poor sales numbers. Since then, the "Rap Devil" rapper continues to reference the feud on his socials and during his concerts, even selling a pair of light-up devil horns , but some fans believe he may soon be firing back with a new track.

It's all speculation at this point, but Lana Del Rey shared a snippet of a song on her Instagram account with Machine Gun Kelly rapping over a beat that sounds custom-made for her. You'll recall Em has said that he would "punch Lana Del Rey right in the face" in the past and some fans believe that linking up with MGK could be leading to her response.

Others are thinking that the two will be going at G-Eazy and considering both of their pasts with him, it's possible. In all fairness, we're not so sure they upcoming collab will be a diss, given the timeframe (ages after the initial feud made the news).

Check out the clips below and see what you think?