Mariah Carey accused of lip-syncing during AMA performance

Headlines 11/10/2018

Mariah Carey is an icon, whatever way you look at it. She tore up the 90's and 2000's with her incredible 5 octave range vocal chops and innate ability to produce banger after banger.

But the current state of that very famous voice has recently come into question in the last few years, after the singer has found herself often struggling to perform her biggest hits to the high level she previously could.

Fail compilation videos of Carey's lackluster performances can be found online, but that hasn't stopped her grind. After dazzling crowds consistently during her residency in Las Vegas, Mariah performed at the AMAs.

The "Fantasy" singer wore a large flowing dress from which her back-up dancers emerged, followed by a glamourous performance with her signature decadence to the tune of her new single "With You." Although the audience seemed blown away, some Twitter users seemed unimpressed.

Social media users are speculating about the quality of her vocals. Most fans were proud of their queen while others expressed an oppositional opinion: Mariah Carey may have been lip-synching the whole time.

Catch the full performance up top and let us know whatr you think?