Twitter is having a field day with Kanye West after he revealed his iPhone passcode to the world

Headlines 12/10/2018

Ohhh Yeezy lol what are you up to.

From a story by Newshub:

Kanye West has accidentally revealed his four digit phone passcode to the world after unlocking it in front of reporters.

As if that isn't enough of a security hazard, it appears to be 0000, a combination so easy to guess Apple phones warn users not to choose it.

On an Apple phone, if you attempt to set a passcode as simple as 0000 or 1234, a pop up will appear and warn you to consider choosing something else.
West had been trying to open his iPhone X to show US President Donald Trump a GIF of a hydrogen powered plane he thought should be used to replace Air Force One, The Verge reports.
West also suggested changing the planes should improve the US image overseas.
"If he [the President] don't look good, we don't look good," he said. "[Air Force One]has to be the freshest, the flyest... the flyest planes, the best factories."
And of course Twitter is cracking up at him about it.

Lol don't change Kanye (actually please do).