Prince Harry hugs two Tongan kids holding up a 'Free hugs' sign


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently in Tonga for their royal tour, where they were greeted with waves, cheers and lots of red balloons. 

Exclusive footage shot by Newshub shows the pair holding hands as they walk through a room in the St George Government Building. 

The video shows Harry pointing to a sign which read "Free Hugs" and "Malo e Lelei Harry and Meghan" which translates to "hi Harry and Meghan". 

Prince Harry then drops to the level of the two children to give them a quick hug as Meghan Markle, donned in a green and white striped dress, watches on. 

The Duke and Duchess had a busy day in Tonga, and were on their way to meet with the country's Prime Minster, 'Akilisi Pōhiva and other cabinet members.

The couple will be returning to Sydney today and are set to visit New Zealand next week.

Meteorologist Lisa Murray said yesterday they will be "greeted with some rain" on their arrival in Wellington - and, in typical capital fashion, a decent breeze will be expected throughout the day.

Credit to Newshub.