Eminem and Snoop Dogg seen hanging out in the studio together

Headlines 26/10/2018

It's been over 18 years since Snoop Dogg first rapped "The great white American hope done hooked up with the king of the muthafu*kin west coast" on Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP track "Bitch Please II."

Sadly for fans, "Bitch Please II" was the last time Em and Snoop ever collaborated on a track, despite having many mutual collaborators in Dr. Dre, Xzibit, and the late Nate Dogg. Despite their close working proximity, the two icons were never able to establish a joint musical legacy.

But that doesn't mean that the two rappers didn't become friends, a relationship that is still strong nearly 20 years after their initial collaboration.

With Snoop's "Redemption Of A Dogg" stage play set to kick off in Detroit, on October 27th, it only made sense for Snoop to make time for his old "nephew." The Doggfather posted a picture of himself and Eminem posted up in the studio: "had to c M. To get the stamp." 

It looks as though the visit is purely social, but we seriously hope that there might some upcoming musical collabs in the works. With the success of Em's latest project Kamikaze, and Snoop's ability to adapt to the times, it might not be too much to expect something special from the legendary duo soon.