Cardi B savagely claps back at fan criticising her new single

Headlines 26/10/2018

Earlier this week, Cardi B's latest track was leaked online, forcing the "Motorsport" rapper to release the song earlier than scheduled. The song has faced a lot of criticism from fans and detractors alike, with most people agreeing that Cardi needs to explore her craft a little more, switching up her flows or beat selection.

Being an international superstar, it's safe to assume she receives a ridiculous amount of fan messages every day. But Cardi decided to take some time to respond to a hater, throwing a very unsubtle jab at the fans appearance for good measure.

Somebody tweeted the superstar that they weren't a fan of her new single, writing, "Listen Cardi baby, Money is not the one." The artist wasn't tagged in the post so she must have caught wind of it elsewhere before choosing to clap back. She attacked the fan's looks, saying

Okay mega Mind.

Cardi was referring to the user's avatar, making fun of the size of her forehead. Savage as it is, the comment must have hit a soft spot for Cardi.