Cardi B calls out Nicki Minaj fans for helping leak her unreleased music

Headlines 24/10/2018

Cardi B announced earlier in the week that we would be hearing brand new music from her this Thursday (US time), but due to an unfortunate leak over-night, the track was forced to be dropped today.

Cardi took to Instagram to talk about the situation in a live video where she claimed she was the victim of a leak when "Money" prematurely made its way onto the internet. When her and her team realised they couldn't stop it, they were forced to reschedule the drop.

Cardi explained in the video that she thinks the song was leaked by somebody at one of the streaming services who got their hands on it. However, she also called out Nicki Minaj fans in particular:

"We tried to retract [the song] but you know... the Barbs. They always posting me. They always post everything I do."

They claim they hate me but they really love me because they be on my page before my fans.

"Everything that I do, they be on it before my fans so clearly, that seems like love to me."

Strictly speaking, Cardi is not saying calling out the "Barbs" for the leak in particular, but more so how quick they were to spread around the fact that the song was made available before the official release, which forced Cardi to drop the track early.

Check out the video below, and catch the new track up top: