61-year-old man arrested after police find 233kgs of marijuana in his car

Headlines 03/11/2018

The legalisation of marijuana (aka weed, grass, devils lettuce, chronic, indo, kiefy leafy, ganja, 'erb, etc...) is becoming more and more prominent globally, with many US states, and all of Canada, changing their laws recently.

While this has caused a mass shortage of weed in some areas, one Missouri man has shown he has no shortage after he was found with over 514 lbs (233 kgs) of ganja in his vehicle.

The man, Ricky Allen Martin, 61, was pulled over by police for a regular traffic violation. Upon closer inspection of the vehicle, officers found what could only be described as Bob Marley's wet dream.

Police then posed proudly for a photo of the frankly impressive stash, while Martin was charged with drug trafficking and possession of a controlled substance.