50 Cent trolls Ja Rule by purchasing 200 tickets to his show to make seats look empty

Headlines 29/10/2018

50 Cent has too much damn time on his hands. If you don't believe us, go check out his social media activity, the man spends more time trolling than he does making music. 

That's not a complaint whatsoever, because despite tip-toeing the line between funny and just straight up bullying, he occasionally has some great calls. His latest exploit is one of his best so far, where he bought 200 tickets to a Ja-Rule and Ashanti show.

Just to make it look empty.

Earlier in the week, 50 took shots at Ashanti for canceling a show after only 24 tickets were sold to the event. In the now deleted post, 50 wrote, "Do Basement parties then it can still feel like it’s lit," trolling the small amount of fans that would have attended.

50 decided to capitalize on the affordable tickets by buying 200 of them himself.

Lol at $15 a pop you can’t lose, I got 200 tickets for 3 bands,

Unexpectedly, Ja Rule didn't take kindly to 50s social media moves, and is now on the offensive to reclaim a bit of pride in the feud. Deciding to fight fire with fire, the "Mesmerize" rapper took to Instagram to shoot his shots.

He posted the above photo with the caption: "This look fits you Ol hoe ass n***a." The photo has since been called out by some fans for being homophobic, which is definitely understandable, but not unexpected given the cruel nature of the beef.

His follow up post took a similar route, repurposes an image of 50 Cent and Young Buck posing for a photo with a person in drag. Ja Rule adds visual props to sell his joke: a dildo in 50 Cent's shoulder holster and a strap-on positioned on Young Buck's groin. 

Despite nobody asking for it, 2018 has found it's latest beef! Grab the popcorn, this is about to get UGLY AF...